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TVET Administrators Trained by CPSC on Developing a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System

A total of 11 TVET administrators from the Philippines and Pakistan were trained on the development of quality assurance systems through a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Management from February 11-15, 2019. This customized program deals with the results-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach.

The program encouraged the participants to design and implement new or improved sustainable M&E system as essential part of the Results-Based Management (RBM) for a TVET institution The modules were designed for them to be able to set up effective monitoring systems as part of the quality assured programs. They were also encouraged to recognize the importance of M&E as an integral part of the education system programs and how a Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation (RBM&E) system improve accountability and transparency and enhance the effectiveness of managing a TVET institution. The outputs generated by the participants will enable them to explain how to conduct stakeholder and organizational analysis and identify key success areas and performance indicators for TVET institutions’ projects and programs, as well as to prepare Monitoring and Evaluation Plan suited to their institution’s current set-up.

The 5-day activity was coordinated by CPSC’s faculty specialist, Ms. Therese Tan Lee and was supervised by CPSC’s Director General, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane. The Research, Publication and Information Officer, Mr. Rae Emmanuel Echaveria, was also invited as one of the resource persons of the program.

In addition, exposure trips to organizations that are implementing M&E plans were embarked. These include the Basic Education Sector Transformation Program (BEST) in Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City; World Vision Development Foundation in Quezon City and the Public Private Partnership Center of the Philippines (PPCP), also in Quezon City.

Visit of the Group at World Vision Philippines

The participants with the management team of Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) Program

Participants doing the different tasks and exercises during the training program

Visiting some of the interesting sights in Quezon City such as Eton Centris Shopping Mall (top) and the Quezon Memorial Shrine (bottom)

Sri Lanka Celebrates 71 Years of Independence

Sri Lanka’s Independence Day is celebrated on 4th of February to commemorate its internal political independence from British rule on that day in 1948. It is celebrated all over the country through flag-hoisting ceremony, dances, parades and performances. Usually, the main celebration takes place in Colombo, where the President raises the national flag and delivers a nationally televised speech.

Many national struggles were made in the history of Sri Lanka. And on the Independence Day all of these are remembered and celebrated.

CPSC sends its warm wishes to its Sri Lankan brothers and sisters for this very auspicious and historically significant event.


(From SLBC, 4 January 2019) The government is preparing to celebrate Sri Lanka’s 71st Independence Day on the 4th of February in a grand scale. The Independence Day Ceremony will be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and Ministers at the Galle Face Green in Colombo. A distinguished gathering of people including Diplomats will attend the ceremony.

The Independence Day Ceremony will consist of a march past by three armed forces and a colour pageant. An all-night Dhamma Sermon will be held on 3rd of February at the Independence Square building in Colombo. All religious rites will be performed in the morning of 4th February. The government has requested to hoist the National Flag at all State Institutions, private organizations and at houses in connection with the National Independence Day.

Last year, Sri Lanka celebrated her 70th Independence Day. President Maithripala Sirisena said that corruption, bribery and malpractices have the most unfavorable effect on the economic sovereignty of the country and everyone should carry out their duties properly. He also said that a broad national movement against corruption is essential for the self defence of the march towards the progress of the country. He noted that politicians as well as public servants must act with utmost financial discipline. The President said that the experience gained during the past seven decades must be utilized to face future challenges.

Traditions on Sri Lanka National Day

After years of being subjected to colonial rule, Sri Lankans celebrate their culture and national identity on National Day.


Sri Lankans and travelers can enjoy the traditional music of Sri Lanka during National Day. This traditional music is often accompanied by colorful dance performances. This is a chance for people to learn more about the cultures of Sri Lanka.

Lectures and Panel Discussions

Various lectures are held at universities during National Day. These lectures often address topics such as Sri Lankan history, colonization, and sovereignty.


It is a common practice for Sri Lankans and travelers to sample various kinds of food and tea on National Day. These food offerings often include the staples of the traditional Sri Lankan diet, so fruits and legumes are common. It should also come as no surprise that tea is a centerpiece of the samples offered on National Day. This is because tea is one of Sri Lanka’s largest exports.


Many Sri Lankans express their patriotism by attending military parades and waving the flag of their nation. This allows Sri Lankans to show their appreciation for their nation’s current and fallen defenders.



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APACC President visits Concepcion Vocational School

The President of the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane, along with Dr. Brajesh Panth, Technical Advisor (Education) of Asian Development Bank (ADB), and other officials, visited the Concepcion Vocational School (CVS) on December 27, 2018. They were received by CVS Team, headed by the Vocational School Administrator Dr. Alvin Yturralde, for briefing and campus tour.

Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane (4th from right), Dr. Brajesh Panth (center), and other guests with CVS Team headed by Dr. Alvin Yturralde (5th from right)

CVS, located in Concepcion, Tarlac, is the third institution accredited by APACC in the Philippines. The institution first received an award in 2009. CVS was established under the supervision of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and commenced operation on July 16, 1995, to develop skilled, self-reliant and productive Filipino workforce by offering competency-based courses in the field of agriculture, food, and other technology livelihood programs.

Briefing and Campus Tour

CPSC and IRPC Technological College, Thailand sign MOU in OVEC

The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) and IRPC Technological College (IRPCT), Thailand sealed their intention for partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on December 24, 2018 at the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education (MoE), Thailand. CPSC was represented by the Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane and Managing Director Dr. Photiwat Paopongchuang represented IRPCT.

The OVEC Secretary General Dr. Suthep Chittayawong graciously chaired the event. In his Congratulatory Speech, he considered having five out of five APACC (Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission) gold awarded institutions a huge uplift in the quality of TVET education in Thailand. APACC is the accreditation arm of CPSC.

CPSC Director General Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane (5th from left) and IRPCT Managing Director Dr. Photiwat Paopongchuang (6th from left) with IRPCT and OVEC Officials after the MOU Signing

IRPCT is considered as one of the leading private technical colleges in Thailand that is directly affiliated with one of its major petrochemical and industrial companies, the PTT group. It is one of the model institutions in ASEAN in developing the competencies and skills of the graduates in preparing them for a career in heavy industry.

The MOU, which is valid for three (3) years, serves as an agreement between CPSC and IRPCT to cooperate in exploring the potential for joint activities in education and training, identifying opportunities for training staff members in customized training program arrangements on need basis, skills development training programs, accreditation training and accreditation and certification of institutions, training of accreditors, cross training or exchange of faculty and staff, and sharing of facilities and human resources.

Source: Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) Thailand website, Date Taken: 2018 December 24

As mentioned by Dr. Lamichhane in his speech, the above could be achieved through conducting capacity building programs, benchmarking activities and staff/student exchanges on various fields of interest. Another one is subscription to APACC. If this pushes through, IRPCT could be the first private college in Thailand to be accredited by APACC. This was agreed by Dr. Photiwat Paopongchuang and expressed his hope to expand network and further raise the quality of education in Thailand.

CPSC’s Director General Participates at the TESDA’s National Congress of Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs) in Davao City, Philippines

Dr. Lamichhane (center) with some CTECs during a field visit to Davao City and its surrounding areas.

In his capacity as the Director General of CPSC, Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane was in Davao City to attend TESDA’s National Congress of Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs). The event was held at the Grand Regal Hotel on December 10-14, 2018.

A total of 79 CTECs coming from the different regions of the Philippines attended the National Congress to validate the draft Competency Standards (CS) of CTECs, gather inputs for the development of Competency Assessment Tools (CATs) for the CTEC CS, conduct mapping of CTEC networks, and formulate strategies for community training and employment coordination.

The CTECs are focaI persons from Local Government Units (LGUs) trained by TESDA to plan, organize, manage and monitor community-based training and enterprise development programs at the community level.

During the opening ceremony, Sec. Isidro S. Lapeña, TESDA Director General, mentioned the importance of partnership and the significance of close coordination between TESDA and LGUs to strengthen the awareness of local communities on TESDA's programs and services.

Dr. Lamichhane delivering his paper to the audience Dr. Lamichhane receiving his certificate presented by Mr. Elmer K. Talavera, the Executive Director of the National Institute for Technical Education and Skills Development (NITESD)

During the event, Dr. Lamichhane presented a paper on the relevance of TVET in social development vis-à-vis Industry 4.0. He also introduced CPSC to participating CTECs and offered its training services to them as another option to those currently being offered by TESDA. He also met with key officials of TESDA including their Director General, Dr. Isidro Lapeña; Deputy Director General for Policies and Planning, DDG Rosanna A. Urdaneta, and Executive Director of National Institute for Technical Education and Skills Development (NITESD), Mr. Elmer K. Talavera. They discussed common concerns on TVET implementation and updates in the Philippines. Visits to various sights in Davao City and nearby cities of Digos and Panabo were also part of the activities.

CPSC Year in Review 2018


CPSC Year in Review 2018

January 2018
MoU Signing with Diploma Engineers Association Nepal (January 5); Visit of Bangladesh Joint Secretary for Ministry of Education to CPSC (January 16); Meeting of DG with Micro-Finance Institutions in Nepal (January 18); 105th Governing Board Session (January 25); APACC Onsite Visit to Siam Administration Technical College-Thailand (January 22-24); MoU Signing with Fortress Learning/ Australian International Vocational College Of Education (January 24); APACC Onsite Visit to Songkhla Vocational College-Thailand (January 25-27).

February 2018
In-Country Program in Thailand (Udon Thani, January 29-February 2; 48 participants); Customized Program in English Training for RMUTT-Thailand Personnel Phase 1 (February 5-9); Customized Program of NSTB and CTEVT Nepal on Recognition of Prior Learning (February 5-16; 14 participants); PKNU Special Internship Program (January 22-February 16; 5 participants); CPSC Annual Team Building in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines (February 22-25); Consultancy Project on Preparing a Master Assessor and Model Assessor Training in Nepal (February 25-March 23).

March 2018
Executive Course of TESDA Officials on Strategic Planning Batch 1 (February 26-March 2; 30 participants); APACC Onsite Visit to Khon Kaen Vocational College-Thailand (March 2-4); In-Country Program in India (Chennai, March 5-9; 25 participants); CPSC-DEAN Collaboration on the Regional Conference on the Role of Diploma Engineers in Nepal (March 7-9); International Seminar on Accreditation and Gender Sensitivity in India (Chennai, March 8); Regional Program in Singapore (March 5-9; 15 participants); Visit of ISAT-U Graduate Students to CPSC (March 16; 14 Participants); MoU Signing with Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi (March 16); Executive Course of TESDA Officials on Strategic Planning Batch 2 (Marikina City, March 19-23; 32 participants); APACC Onsite Visit to Nonthaburi Technological College-Thailand (March 22-24); 31st Internal Quality Audit (March 22, 26 and 27).

April 2018
In-Country Program in Maldives (Male, April 8-12; 31 participants); CPSC-ZJTIE Special International Program on Technopreneurship, e-commerce and Pedagogy Concepts-Phase 1 (Manila April 9-22; 19 participants); Customized Training on Project Management (April 17-19; 12 participants); MoA Signing with Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics (April 20); In-Country Program in Malaysia (Kuching, April 23-27; 40 participants); PACUIT National Conference (Bacolod City, April 24-26); MoA Signing with Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technologies, Inc. (April 24) Bhutan MoLHR Study Visit in the Philippines (April 25-29; 7 participants); Governing Board Standing Committee Meeting (April 26).

May 2018
2018 International TVET Conference in Pakistan (May 3-4); Customized Program in English Training for RMUTT-Thailand Personnel Phase 2 (May 7-11; 17 participants); In-Country Program in Myanmar (Yangon, May 7-11; 22 participants); CPSC-ZJTIE Special International Program on Technopreneurship, e-commerce and Pedagogy Concepts-Phase 2 (Hangzhou April 22-May 12; 19 participants); Myanmar Officials from My-EQIP Customized Program in Monitoring and Evaluation (May 15-18; 14 participants); In-Country Program in the Philippines-Batch 1 (Marikina City, May 21-25; 37 participants); Community Outreach Training on Research (Pateros, Philippines, May 23; 31 participants); Executive Course of TESDA Officials on Strategic Planning Batch 3 (May 28-June 1; 34 participants); Visit of OVEC Officials to CPSC (May 30-31).

June 2018
Visit of IRPC Technological College Officials in CPSC (June 11); ISO External Audit (June 13); Onsite Visit of TESDA Women's Center (June 18-19); In-Country Program in Sri Lanka (June 18-22; 46 participants).

July 2018
Start of CPSC Strategic Plan 2018-2023 (July 1); 105th Governing Board Meeting (July 5); Onsite Visit to Romblon National Institute of Technology-Philippines (July 9-10); In-Country Program in the Philippines-Batch 2 (Marikina City, July 16-20, 2018; 42 participants); Customized Program on Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills for Don Bosco School Directors (July 18-19; 20 participants); Study Visit of Bangladesh Education Ministry Officials (July 27); 2018 Asia TVET Experts Forum (Putrajaya, Malaysia, July 23-24); 32nd IQA (July 26-27).

August 2018
Start of CPSC Strategic Plan 2018-2023 (July 1); 105th Governing Board Meeting (July 5); Onsite Visit to Romblon National Institute of Technology-Philippines (July 9-10); In-Country Program in the Philippines-Batch 2 (Marikina City, July 16-20, 2018; 42 participants); Customized Program on Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills for Don Bosco School Directors (July 18-19; 20 participants); Study Visit of Bangladesh Education Ministry Officials (July 27); 2018 Asia TVET Experts Forum (Putrajaya, Malaysia, July 23-24); 32nd IQA (July 26-27).

September 2018
IDEB Conference on Global Competitive TVET for Challenges of Industrial Revolution (Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 15-17); Customized Program on Project Management in TVET (September 17-21; 16 participants); Onsite Visit to Ubon Ratchathani Vocational College-Thailand (September 17-19); In-Country Program in Fiji (Suva, September 24-28, 2018; 25 participants); Customized Program on Quality Management for TESDA Personnel (September 24-28, 2018; 54 participants).

October 2018
Regional Program in Nepal (October 1-3; 23 participants); MoU Signing with Labtech International, Ltd. (October 4); International Conference on Innovations in TVET for Socio-Economic Development (Kathmandu, October 4-5; 500 participants); Regioanl Program and International Conference on Quality and Sustainable TVET (Chennai, October 8-12; 14 participants); Onsite Visit to Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan-Malaysia (October 16-18); Special In-Country Program in Nepal (Kathmandu, October 24-28; 48 participants); Onsite Visit to MJII MARA-Malaysia (October 24-26).

November 2018
Bhutan Officials Study Visit to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (November 7-15; 5 participants); Onsite Visit to Simeon Suan Vocational and Technical College-Philippines (November 12-13); Onsite visit to KKTM Kuantan- Malaysia (November 13-15); MoA Signing with Terrapinn Singapore (November 14); JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program on "Industrial Technology Education" (Nagoya, Japan November 20-21); PAITE National Conference in Legazpi City, Philippines (November 24-28); In-Country Program in Thailand (Songkhla, November 26-30; 55 participants); MoU Signing with Philippine Association of Industrial and Technology Educators (PAITE) (November 26); Standing Committee Meeting (November 29).

December 2018
Customized Program of ENSSURE Nepal Project Managers and Stakeholders (November 25-December 1; 8 participants); CPSC 45th Anniversary (December 5); MoU signing with Iloilo State College of Fisheries (December 5); Bhutan Officials Consultative Meetings to Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia (December 15-28; 11 participants); Visit of Joyeeta Program Delegates under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA), Bangladesh (December 20); AAA Meeting in Songkhla, Thailand (December 20-21); MoU Signing with IRPC Technological College-Thailand (December 24).